New Building

New Building

We have thrilling news to share – we finally have our building! Stand up and do a little dance with us (unless you’re Baptist, lol) and celebrate this milestone. This is not the end goal but the beginning of a vibrant ministry in Palmela, Portugal. Our journey has been enriched through collaboration with a local fellowship of Baptist churches, a local Baptist church, and our wonderful Brazilian ministry partners. Cross-cultural partnerships are the bedrock of missions, but they require patience and perseverance. In our fast-paced world, it’s essential to remember that our goal is not quick and shoddy, but healthy and enduring.

About The Church Plant

Wesley and I have embraced co-pastor roles, alternating weekly to lead our gatherings. Our weekly meetings include music, a 20-minute devotional, group prayer, verse memorization, and fellowship. The formal meeting lasts about an hour, but the fellowship often extends longer, fostering deep connections. Our attendees are diverse, though their participation can be inconsistent. Predominantly, we work with Brazilian households who need a more prominent testimony of salvation. Occasionally, we have Portuguese visitors from other churches.

We are praying for four consistent families from Palmela to join us and to be able to establish regular services. Your prayers and support in this are invaluable.

Health Updates

Since our last update, we’ve faced some health challenges:
Zoe had her loop recorder replaced due to past incidents of fainting. This device, similar to a continuous EKG, is crucial for monitoring her heart.
Michelle had a procedure to remove endometrial polyps, and we are relieved that the tests came back negative for cancer.
Karis Managing Type 1 diabetes requires constant vigilance. Recently, Karis experienced severe hypoglycemia. After a busy day at school and a series of unfortunate events, she had a dangerous low blood glucose level during the night. Thanks to Zoe’s alertness and our swift response, Karis received the necessary emergency care and is now doing well. She has also received a new Medtronic 780g pump.

New Partners

We are grateful for new financial partners! We would like to schedule five online meetings with churches and fifteen with individuals. If you would be interested in having an online meeting, please send us an email or message us on Facebook.
Thank you for being part of our journey. Your encouragement and prayers sustain us as we navigate the joys and challenges of our ministry. Together, we can build a healthy and enduring community of believers in Palmela.

We nearly made budget, falling short by only $100 per month! 

Portugal Legacy Fund
Portugal Legacy Fund
Wears Monthly Support


We have a building!


Contact us about an online meeting.


Four consistent families and regular services.


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David Wears a Hoodie
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Wears a Hoodie
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Michelle Wears a T-Shirt
Michelle Wears a T-Shirt
Wears a T-Shirt
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The Wears

Wears Portugal Merch is great for you, your pastor or anyone who loves missions. Like us, we strive for classy where it counts; light-hearted Wears it doesn’t.

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New Building

We have thrilling news to share – we finally have our building! ???? Stand up and do a little dance …


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