Ministry in Castelo Branco Espresso Updates: Q1-2023

Ministry in Castelo Branco

The best way to communicate with others is to be direct, polite and appropriately transparent. If we told you 5 years ago where we thought our ministry would be right now, it would look nothing like it does today. Needless to say we are disappointed with where we are. I would like to offer a bit of an explanation, not as an excuse, but for the purpose of creating transparency. We arrived in Portugal basically in 2019. Our plans when we arrived were to work with another missionary and start a church in Alcochete.

Of course, we know how 2020 upset plans for many people. For us that was compounded by unexpected health issues, a death in our extended family and another private matter. Our hopes when we returned to Portugal in 2022 were that we would be refreshed and be able to start anew. Our plans were upset regarding church planting in Alcochete. We had hoped to be able to work with the mission, but unfortunately we were not in enough agreement with the philosophy of the pastor at the church plant. So, unfortunately the proverbial door had been closed on us. In many aspects we feel like we’ve been in a habit of mourning because of the disruption of our plans and expectations, but that’s not all bad for Jesus preached, “Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.”

So what are we doing now? We still plan to work with our Brazilian friend regarding a work elsewhere. While we are figuring out the “where” we are helping out with a church monthly in Castelo Branco. The church was decimated by the ungodly works of the previous pastor. They need many prayers. We have started a weekly canvassing in a nearby community in hopes of teaching English or starting Bible studies. I am working on sermons/studies for Castelo Branco that can be used in both personal bible studies and sermons for the future and Michelle is teaching a friend English here on Thursdays.

We are incredibly grateful for the increase in our support by several churches. One church increased the amount of our support knowing much of our current situation. We were able to purchase a newer vehicle and if anyone would like to give towards the $1,000 of needed maintenance, that would be greatly appreciated.

One last thing. There are two very heavy things on our hearts. We would love to share more, but it would be inappropriate to do so at this time. Regardless would you please pray for these unspoken requests?

Espresso Updates

Q4 Budget—Not Achieved

We were roughly $20/mo short of hitting our Q4 budget.

Monthly Support


We have a newer vehicle–it’s a 2006 KIA CARNIVAL.



We have 2 important unspoken requests.


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Wears a T-Shirt
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