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New Building

We have thrilling news to share – we finally have our building! ???? Stand up and do a little dance with us (unless you're Baptist…


Thanks to your unwavering support, we've made significant progress with Cidade Colina. Today, I'm thrilled to share the latest dev…

On a Mission Espresso Updates: 2023-Q4
On a Mission

We are filled with a profound sense of purpose and excitement regarding a vision that has the potential to transform lives in Palm…

Park Devotional Espresso Updates: Q3-2023
Park Devotionals

The last time we wrote to you we shared about how we are teaching English classes in an effort to meet people. We started these cl…

American Party Espresso Updates: Q2-2023
An American Party

In our last update, we shared three things: 1) We bought a new car and needed extra funds for repairs. 2) We were essentially disc…

Ministry in Castelo Branco Espresso Updates: Q1-2023
Ministry in Castelo Branco

The best way to communicate with others is to be direct, polite and appropriately transparent. If we told you 5 years ago where we…

Ramos & Wears Espresso Updates: Q4-2022
The Ramos & Wears

As some of you are enjoying beautiful, white snow, we are getting more rain this month than we

Alcochete, Portugal Espresso Updates: Q3-2022
A Church Plant in Alcochete

God does not need us for missions.  Okay, are you done re-reading that first sentence? Do you remember something we said countless…