Do you ever get distracted? Of course you do. We all do once in a while. 

I used to work for a small, family owned factory. As time progressed I was given flexibility to do what I felt were the most important things to do. Sometimes it was “research & development”, sometimes it was just morale building, sometimes I would record statistics and data, and then other times

One of the things we like doing after an evening service is stopping by a McDonald’s and getting ice cream or a snack of some sort. It’s our reward to the kids for just being willing to travel. This Wednesday evening we found a surprise. As I looked out and about I saw this sign. I was excited to see it because I thought “hey, someone is out there sharing the gospel by leaving tracts.” 

Of course I got up and went over and looked at the the tract only to find something missing.

Mechanics have acquired a certain reputation. Maybe well earned, maybe not. I learned a lot from my time working at a truck stop in my late teens and early twenties. When I first started I didn’t know how to grease the knuckles of a drive shaft. I laugh now, but then it was quite embarrassing.

As many of you know we are HUGE APPLE FANS! I just read an article about Apple selling 40 million iPhones in its latest quarter. That's amazing! To compound that we have a sluggish economy. It's interesting. I've been told by pastors, friends, by those I admire and by strangers that it's difficult now to raise money for missions. Really?

In church last Sunday I sang a song entitled "Nothing More Than Him." Or I should say that I made an attempt to sing it. I stumbled through the first verse of the song singing about giving each daily problem over to Christ and how He alone is sufficient but when I came to the chorus I began to cry and could not finish. Sometimes words and music have that effect on me - together they are so beautiful and right that my emotions take over. And in this particular instance, in this stage of my life where I am learning

Why be a missionary? This is a question we will be asked many times in the next coming years. Some people will assume it is so we can have a job, others may think it's to help people or to convert others to Baptist philisophy, and still some others may think it is to run from American politics.

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