We are asking God for strategic partners to join us for the sake of the gospel. Partners can give monthly to our ministry through Global Faith Mission Agency (GFMA). We gladly accept and appreciate church and individual partners. We assume that individual partners are giving in addition to what they already giving to their home church.

Online Contributions: globalfaithmission.org

  1. EFT (Recommended)
  2. Credit Card

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Global Faith Mission Agency
P.O. Box 3326
Chattanooga, TN 37404



We are committed to the gospel and our strategic partners. We will seek to be faithful to the Lord, to scripture and to His will; to be diligent in our work for the furtherance of the gospel for His glory; to provide for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our family; to maintain meaningful relationships with our partners and those we serve.

Information concerning receipts

  • Global Faith Mission Agency is recognized as a non-profit organization.  Each donation generates a receipt that donors can use as proof of contributions to a non-profit organization.
  • There are two types of receipts that GFMA sends to donors:
    • Paper Receipts are sent on a quarterly basis to donors.
    • Electronic receipts are sent as each donation is processed.  We encourage as many donors as possible to sign up for electronic receipts.
      • The electronic receipt is a valid receipt.
      • It is processed more quickly.
      • It is actually less work for our bookkeeping system to send them out electronically.
      • It saves postage, which in the long run helps minimize expenses for the missionaries.
      • If you would like to receive email receipts, please take a moment to send us your email address to: bookkeeper@globalfaithmission.org
    • Each receipt will list:
      • The name of the designated missionary.
      • The amount of the donation.
    • It is recommended that you check each receipt to verify that your donation was processed as you requested.
  • We recommend that you keep each individual receipt as proof of donation if you claim donations on your tax return each year.  We send out a total receipt at the end of the year only if it is requested.  The total of your individual receipts is valid for use if you claim your donations as deductions.
  • If you are sending personal mail to a missionary, we ask that you send it directly to the missionary instead of sending it to the headquarters.

How Financial Support is Processed

  •  As it arrives, each donation is deposited into the designated missionary’s account with Global Faith Mission Agency.
  • After the donation is processed, a receipt is sent to the donor.
  • We close out the books for the missionaries account at the end of each month.
  • We send out the total amount of donations accumulated during the month to the missionary on the first working day of each month. (For example: funds received in February are sent to the missionary on the first of March.)
  • At the beginning of each month, we send each missionary a statement of all donations made to his account for the previous month.  The statement that the missionary receives details:
    • Who the donor is
    • Address of the donor
    • Amount of donation